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Avoid Job Search Fatigue – Here’s How!

Erin Davis
By: Erin Davis
Nov 17, 2020 • 6 min read

How To Avoid Job Search Fatigue – and Keep Up Your Momentum! 

The job search process can be extensive and exhausting. Although times are different, the job search fatigue looks and feels very similar. It makes sense that a consistent flow of rejection from various positions can start to take a toll on your mental wellbeing. At first, it seems reasonable that maybe you are not the perfect fit, and eventually, it may start to feel a little personal. However, this is not the true cause. Job search fatigue is common, and it can be an exhausting process to deal with. This is especially true if you are unemployed. So, this blog will teach you how to avoid job search fatigue and keep your momentum strong! 

job search fatigue

Identify the problem 

The first step to analyzing and solving this problem is taking the time to identify the real issue. Are you attempting to get a specific position for a certain company? Are you looking for anything that comes your way? What is holding you back from your dream job, or a job in general? Taking a look at those questions can help to identify the route of the issues and fatigue. Finding logic to explain some of the issues will help you to feel less worn out. Sometimes it is a numbers game.

Take a deep breath

You have to apply to many positions before one position is a fit. If you are looking at a specific position, it will take longer to find, and that is okay. The more complicated your schedule is, the more difficult it will be to find a job that fits this. This analysis can help you understand that situations do work out eventually, and when the right job comes around, it will all work out.

job search fatigue

Ask for answers

Depending on where you are in the job application process, it can also be a good idea to ask for answers. Beyond analyzing your own issues and compilations with the positions, ask employers what got in the way. This is not the best idea if you are on your first interview, but if there are multiple rounds and call to let you know you did not get the position, it can be appropriate to ask why. Phrasing this professionally and curiously is important. You do not want to take an accusation tone, and instead want to be sure you portray your curiosity. This answer may not be what you want to hear, but it could allow you to better yourself, your experience, or your approach for the next time. By learning why you were not given the position in the first place, you can change how you go about the next interview.

Hustle in the meantime

Getting a job in the meantime can be a great distraction to combat job search fatigue. It may seem that this could be overwhelming. However, being a part of something productive can actually give you more energy. Volunteering in an area of interest to you, whether that is a part of your career or not, can also be a productive use of time. Sometimes these opportunities can lead to other opportunities. Volunteering will make you feel good inside to give back during the downtime. On the other hand, a job will provide some income. You can even do both if it feels as if it would work out considering time management. Having a job during this in-between time would also help relieve the situation’s financial pressure, which can aid with fatigue.

job search fatigue

Offer to help in a related position

Another solution to job search fatigue can be looking for a position related to your preferred position. You can offer to help in a related position or for a specific company. This can be a voluntary position or even a small foot in the door, such as an office assistant. Offering to work for low pay or no pay can get you involved in the company or industry. Sometimes it is necessary to wait for the perfect job to open up, and having your foot in the door is a great start. This can also help you gain more experience and companies are more likely to bring you on for reduced pay. With this added experience, you can also apply to different jobs, and perhaps this could increase your chances.

Mental health day

Although all of these tips can help combat job search fatigue, sometimes it is necessary to take a break. Breaks are essential, and it gives your brain time to take reset. This reset can be a mental health day, or maybe a whole week off. This time can be taken to relax, wait for a callback, clean and organize your life, or even try something new. Adopting a hobby can help bring some entertainment and act as a release to the stress and fatigue. Anything that brings joy and relaxation can act as a reset and refresher to light the motivation and energy that was once there.

job search fatigue

Reassess strategy

The last step to fighting job search fatigue is reassessing your strategy. This reset and refresh of strategy can then bring about a newfound energy and productive mindset. Reassessing your job search strategy can include any number of these tips and revolves around trying something new. These ideas of adopting a hobby, working a job to pass the time, volunteering, asking for a foot in the door, or taking a mental health day. This new idea or new activity can help you reassess your job strategy, making the search more productive and having a higher possibility of success. Trying new strategies will inspire motivation, which is ultimately the best way to get your desired position. Employers can sense motivation, which is a quality they are after when hiring, so thus, reassessing your strategy is essential.

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