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Bank Teller Tips

By: Mariah Rogers
Jul 16, 2020 • 3 min read

Bank Teller Tips!

Bank tellers work closely with customers and their teams to provide exceptional service, accuracy, communication, and knowledge. If you are just starting out as a bank teller, it might be overwhelming at first! There is a lot to remember, and your performance must be accurate every time. Here is how to get organized and become an expert bank teller in no time.

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As a bank teller, it is your job to have superb organization skills. When working with money and necessary paperwork, you must make sure everything is accounted for! Customers and management depend on you to have your organization skills sharpened before beginning your new career. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the different ins and outs identified during your training. Keeping paper statements, cash, and other documents organized is critical to ensure success and satisfaction.

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Are your computation skills accurate? Have you mastered the mathematical skills you need to succeed? Familiarizing yourself with the accounting systems used by your bank is crucial. Make sure to check your work. When you are done, check one more time. Doubling checking your work can help you avoid silly mistakes.


Your job as a bank teller is primarily a customer service position. Your job is to assist with customer needs and concerns while taking their personal information very seriously. Be sure to keep any confidential information private, and be respectful of any knowledge you have access to. If your customers trust and respect you, management will identify you as a strong team player!


You will be working with a team of other bank tellers, accountants, financial advisors, and managers. As a member of the group, it is your responsibility to support and respect your colleagues. This can include helping to onboard new members, transferring customers to the appropriate departments, and going above and beyond when addressing workplace concerns. Your team will have your back when you need it, too!

Ask Questions

If you are new on the job, don’t be afraid to ask questions! It is better to ask for help and do the job right, rather than make a mistake that can negatively affect the team. Don’t be shy to get to know your managers and fellow coworkers! Asking questions is a great way to get associated with your team and establish connections within the workplace.

Be Patient

Customers can sometimes be picky or have strong opinions and concerns when it comes to the handling of their money. This is entirely understandable! When dealing with a problematic customer, be sure to practice patience and excellent communication skills. Listen fully before you respond. If you are unable to provide adequate assistance, have a manager intervene for help! Be patient with yourself, too. This is especially true if you are new on the job! New skills take time to learn, and as long as you are doing your best, you should be so proud of the new position!

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