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Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 15, 2020 • 3 min read

It’s Time to Get Your Spooky On.

This year has certainly been frightening! Now it’s time to celebrate the season and enjoy the Halloween festivities. If you are used to going to a Halloween party or other gathering, this year might look a bit different. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t kill it with your costume! Here are some unique and easy costumes you can create. With only a few weeks to go, it’s time to start planning!

Halloween costumes

#1 Carol Baskin & Joe Exotic

If you and a friend or partner want to create the perfect duo costume, look no further! These costumes are inspired by the Tiger King documentary that quickly gained popularity at the start of quarantine. Here is what you’ll need!

Carol’s Costume  

Joe’s Costume 

Halloween costumes

#2 Most Wanted Products

These costumes are perfect for anyone who is looking for a simple last-minute outfit! Plus, you can partner with a pal for a good laugh.

Paper Towel

  • Basic white dress – here
  • Just print out your favorite paper towel brand and use transfer paper to iron on your design!

Hand Sanitizer

  • Large rectangular cardboard box (check local Facebook groups) & paint it white!
  • Use a color printer and print a brand of your choice to paste onto your costume.

#3 Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

This is a cute and easy costume idea for anyone in a rush to complete their outfit! Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are a classic fan-favorite. Plus, you might already have these materials lying around your home! Simply grab a large, tan-colored t-shirt and cut a mouth, eyes, and nose with felt. Glue it all together and hit the town!

Halloween costumes

#4 Outer Banks

Outer Banks is another tv series that has become popular in the past few months. This fun show has beachy and tropical vibes, so you might already own some of these costume pieces! Feel free to rock this look solo or with a group.

  • Tropical shirt – here
  • Flip flops – here
  • Floral necklace – here 

#5 Candy Corn

This is a festive and cute outfit that is perfect for all ages. Plus, you will be comfortable and warm! This will come in handy when attending Halloween events outdoors while social distancing. Here is how to get the look!

#6 Pumpkin

Is carving pumpkins on your agenda this spooky season? Why not dress the part! This is a simple and easy costume anyone can throw together.

  • Orange shirt – here
  • Orange pants – here
  • Pumpkin hat – here

Halloween costumes

#7 Twister 

Who doesn’t love a good night of twister? This fun board game is a classic that everyone knows. Plus, the costume could not be easier to make! Simply cut out dots using felt, and glue them onto your white shirt! Make sure to use the patterns and colors of the actual game to make it look extra realistic.

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