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Ending Your Summer Internship

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 16, 2020 • 10 min read

Ending Your Summer Internship – How To Finish Strong

Remember the many weeks, maybe even months, of completing applications, interviews, and cover letters galore? All of the stress and hard work paid off – you landed an internship! The week leading up to starting your summer internship was likely filled with excitement and anticipation. Sharpening your skills, communicating with your soon-to-be boss, investing in business-appropriate attire, and many more activities were completed during your preparation process. You may have also had to navigate a virtual option for your internship experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hard to believe that your internship is quickly coming to an end. Here is how to finish strong and make the most out of the rest of your experience.

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Congratulate Yourself

You should be very proud of yourself for completing this monumental step in your career journey. You have conquered the application process, learning curves you faced during your first few weeks, and building essential relationships during your time at the company. Your internship experience might have been less than perfect and not what you expected. However, the lessons that you learned will help you as you move forward in your professional life. Participating in an internship shows outstanding commitment to your specific interests. It proves that you have a growth-mindset and are hungry to learn. This experience help shape your future career decisions. Also, it might also lead to a long-term job opportunity!

Don’t Stop Learning

Although you may be entering the last few weeks of your summer internship, now is not the time to stop learning! There is still so much for you to experience, and challenges ahead for you to endure with your team. The last few weeks of your internship might provide the most informative and vital lessons yet. So, keep an open mind, and don’t give up on yourself yet! Your strong efforts matter now more than ever.

Avoid Burning Bridges

If your internship experience was not all that you had hoped it would be, it could be easy to look forward to the end of your time at the company. However, you must avoid burning bridges during your last few weeks on the job. Even if your manager was challenging to work for and far from understanding, you must still show the utmost respect and gratitude for the opportunity. This is important for a variety of different reasons. First and foremost, you might come in contact with these professionals later in your career. This might be at a conference, future job, or function. You may also need a letter of recommendation written by your boss at your internship when it comes time to apply for future opportunities. Or, you may decide that you wish to work for this company again at some point in your professional journey, so you must avoid burning bridges.

Ask For Advice

Now is the time to ask your coworkers and supervisors for advice on things you could not as at the beginning of the internship. This could be education-related such as choosing a major or interview insights. Now that you have spent all summer building a relationship with your colleagues, it is time to pick their brains and ask for some advice!

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Show Gratitude

Your supervisors and colleagues likely put a lot of effort into preparing for your internship experience. They had to organize their summer plans around providing you with an enriching educational experience, full of the opportunity to learn and explore all that the company has to offer. This was not easy for them! It took a lot of planning and organizing outside of their job description and required extra responsibility on their part. They had to juggle their regular duties as a full-time employee while supporting your experience as an intern. So, show how much you appreciate them! I recommend writing a hand-written card at the end of your internship.

Sincerely thanking them for their guidance and support throughout the summer. Small gestures like this one can mean a lot!

Go Beyond Your Boss

Although it is essential to show your boss and supervisor gratitude, it is equally as crucial to appreciate your coworkers and other interns, too. They also played a huge role in making your internship experience everything that it was, and more! This could be day-to-day support, help on a challenging project, or time that they spend training you on a specific task. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate them, and say a proper goodbye before you go!

Keep Challenging Yourself

To make the most out of your internship experience, you must continue to challenge yourself to work hard and improve your newly learned skills. Step outside of your comfort zone! Instead of sticking to the projects you have been well-trained on, try to branch out!Take on a task that scares you. Consider exploring outside of your current department and gaining exposure to all different parts of the company. This can help you get a taste for what you might want to apply for next summer!


Making an effort to keep in touch with your supervisors and coworkers is an essential part of networking that is often overlooked. There is no better time to foster these long-lasting relationships than now! Express your interest in continuing to communicate after the end of your internship through LinkedIn or email. This way, you can stay up to date on how the company is doing. Plus, you will be aware of any new opportunities your colleagues have experienced. This is also the perfect way to show off what you have been up to as well! This can significantly help your networking later on in your career.

Good luck as you finish up your summer internship!

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