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Five Signs You’re Succeeding

By: Mariah Rogers
Sep 1, 2020 • 4 min read

You Came, You Saw, You Conquered.

Success can be measured in many different ways, depending on the values the individual holds. Defining what is important to you, as well as benchmarking personal goals, is essential when cultivating what success means to you. Being able to feel as though you are succeeding in your personal and professional life is necessary for growth and consistent motivation. If you feel as though you are not doing enough, don’t be so hard on yourself. Here are five signs that you are succeeding.

#1. You are Passionate About Your Work

If you feel motivated and passionate about your job, this is huge. Really huge! Many of us wake up every morning feeling uninspired about going to work. Simply clocking into our jobs for the almighty dollar. The truth is, we spend a large percentage of our time on the job. Feeling passionate about your work, enjoying time with coworkers, feeling accomplished after finishing projects, and creating/implementing new ideas cultivates passion. This is one of the significant signs that you’re succeeding, no matter where you are in your career journey.

#2 You Have Balance in Your Life

Work-life balance is something that many of us often take for granted. Finding balance in your daily routines can help you feel less stressed, more focused, and facilitate better relationships with family, friends, and yourself. All work and no play can lead to negative feelings about arriving for shifts and a lack of motivation. Use your time off to recharge, connect with others, learn a new hobby, and take care of what is important to you! This way, you will be excited about returning to work with a fresh mindset, ready to take on the day.

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#3 You Show More Often Than You Tell

Leading by example is one of the many quality employers associate with outstanding leaders and employees. If you can lead a group or manage tasks in a way that others admire, this is one of the signs that you’re succeeding. If you show your talents and skills rather than projecting orders at others, this is a sign that you are confident in yourself and your abilities. Being able to practice what you preach exemplifies strong morals and values, which are essential in all aspects of life.

#4 You Can Follow Through with Your Goals

Setting goals is one thing, but achieving them is much different. Benchmarking personal “wins” is a significant sign that you are succeeding. Identifying where you are and where you hope to be can put a plan in place for following through and making your dreams a reality.  Motivating yourself to create a list of actions and commit to your success is a trait not many possess. Commit to yourself. Follow through with your goals, and make it happen!

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#5 You are Proactive

Being proactive and being reactive are two separate entities. Being reactive is typically understood as reacting to changes in your life after they take place. Proactivity, on the other hand, is understood as acting in advance of changes in your life before they occur. Being proactive allows you to take command of your life and better control the outcome of situations. If you can influence the results of interviews by sending a thank you email, being one of the first applicants to a new job, or submitting projects before the deadline, this is a clear sign you are succeeding.

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