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How to Advance Your Career

Xiaofan Gao
By: Xiaofan Gao
Nov 9, 2020 • 7 min read

How to Advance Your Career

There comes a time in your career when you sit down and wonder, “where do I go from here?”. It’ll probably happen a little while after you achieve financial security through your job and are happy with all the other aspects of your life (relationships, physical health, mental health, and so on). You think about moving up, which will allow you to keep achieving more. Don’t know where to start? Today, we’ll be going over how you can advance your career and continue achieving success. 

advance your career

Get a Promotion

The first thing that comes to mind is a promotion. Yes, we know you’ve thought about it; everyone has. However, being promoted means taking on more responsibility at work. You will have people to manage and more tasks to accomplish. Prove that you’re ready for all this by demonstrating your leadership and time management skills as often as you can. Volunteer to oversee any upcoming group projects. Go above and beyond during a regular workday to show both how much you can accomplish in that span of time and how devoted you are to the company. Display that you are willing to do extra for the same amount of pay. This will give you a leg up once management starts considering candidates for a promotional opportunity.

Change your Strategy

If you continue to exert extra effort for a while and still haven’t received a promotion, then it’s time to change your strategy. Remember, words speak louder than actions! Ask your boss if they have time to sit down with you. During the meeting, review your current performance, and see if you have what it takes to be on the level above. If they say you don’t, that’s okay! Remember, this is not a one-time thing. Trying for a promotion is an ongoing conversation between you and your boss. Check-in with them every month or two to see what else you can do to improve. Don’t be annoying about it. Pestering them about why they’re not promoting you won’t help your cause, nor will you constantly bragging about what you’ve done to their face. Subtlety is key. 

advance your career

It’s All In The Timing

Timing is also important. Asking anytime during this tumultuous period, when so many companies are losing money and laying employees off left and right, is a dangerous move. Wait until the company, as well as your boss, are in a good spot to make your move. While you wait it out, there are other ways you can advance your career. 

Become a Mentor

Mentorships can be very impactful, not just for the mentee but for you, the mentor, too. You get the opportunity to exercise your leadership and interpersonal skills while interacting with and guiding your mentee through their triumphs and troubles. You could learn a thing or two from their experiences and apply them to your own life. Whether that be a small tip that eases your daily workload or a fresh, life-changing perspective, the nuggets of knowledge you take from your mentorships are precious. Relating to what we just said above, regularly participating in these mentorship programs might just convince your manager to promote you.

advance your career 

More Networking 

Mentorships are a good starting point for networking. You never know where your mentee will go and end up in life. Keep in touch with them through periodic checkups and holiday greetings. However, it is important to keep in mind that a mentee is just one person. If you want to advance your career, you have to put in the extra effort to connect with more individuals outside of your current company. Start with LinkedIn. If you don’t already have one, create a LinkedIn profile! Next, use the search bar to find people with a similar occupation or background as you. It’ll make reaching out less awkward, as it’ll let them know that you aren’t just reaching out randomly. Plus, it’ll give you both more to talk about during conversations. If a new connection of yours namedrops another individual, reach out to them too! You never know who you’ll meet that’ll give you a leg up or impact your life. Every person is a potential opportunity. 

Don’t stop at LinkedIn! There are lots of other creative ways to get in touch with fellow professionals.

JobGet Social Feed 

The JobGet social feed is one of these alternative ways to get in contact with other professionals in a more relaxed and authentic way. If you haven’t checked it out, now is the time to explore this feature! You can build relationships, connect with fellow employees, and find out exactly what employers are looking for. Don’t feel confined to professionally polished online networking platforms, as this is not always the answer for truly enhancing your career.

advance your career

Keep Learning

Progression means learning. It should be something that can apply to your career, but it doesn’t necessarily have to do with your work. For instance, if you’re a marketing coordinator, I highly suggest learning Python. Are you a programmer? No. But coding can be useful to your career prospects. With Python on your side, you can automate various marketing tasks, like sending out emails, posting to social media, and measuring conversion rates on websites. Or, if you’re a graphic designer, make sure to read books on psychology. If you know what designs the customer wants to see, then you’ll have a better chance of attracting them to whatever product you’re designing for. 

advance your career

Advance Your Education

If you want solid evidence of your learning, check out nearby master’s programs that offer the knowledge and skills you want to obtain. In this day and age, you can also get a master’s degree online! Plenty of universities offer them; check out the list for details. Check with your company to see if they can cover some of the tuition costs before applying. You could potentially save thousands of dollars by doing this one little thing! 

If you have any other tips to help advance your career, let us know on our social media pages!

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