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How to Answer: How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 13, 2020 • 2 min read

How to Answer:

How Would You Describe Your Work Style?

When asked how you would describe your work style in an interview, it can be tough to craft the perfect response. You want to impress your employer and highlight your strong work ethic, while also being honest and genuine with your interviewer. You should be true to your personal work style, while also being aware of the company culture. Here is how to form your response in three easy steps!

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1. Begin with Your Personal Traits

Describe your thought process and personal approach to your work to your interviewer. They want to get to know you, so be sure to provide clear examples. Take time to understand and familiarize yourself with your strengths. Identify if you are creative, analytical, a leader, big or small goal-focused or something else! Check out this website to take a work style test that may help you identify your best traits. Having a clear understanding of your personal traits will help you talk about your work style.

Example: I am a very outgoing person, and I enjoy learning new things. This is true in my work too – I find myself enjoying talking to new people, and I like to ask questions so that I can learn new things.

2. Touch on Teamwork

In most jobs, you will likely be working with a team to accomplish a goal and meet standards. It is important to incorporate your teamwork skills when discussing your work style during an interview. Make sure to mention communication skills, task delegation, quality standards and listening skills! These will all be key points that will make your interviewer confident in your abilities to work well with a team. Even if you secretly rather work solo, you can phrase this in a way that is still attractive to your employer.

Example: While I do prefer to do individual work, I can also effectively work with a team to accomplish tasks.

Employers are looking for your honesty and they will be impressed by your ability to self-reflect and be flexible to challenges that may arise in the workplace, this says a lot about your work style!

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3. Circle Back to The Job Description

While all your answers should be true to you, it is important to mold your responses around the job description. If they are looking for someone to fill a position that involves planning, make sure to emphasize your organization, ability to meet deadlines and communication skills. If they are looking for someone to fill a leadership role make sure to mention your integrity, listening skills, ability to carry out tasks and people managing skills. Circling back to the job description will show the employer exactly which talents you possess that will help carry out the position effectively. Defining your work style and being able to talk about can help you better understand yourself as an employee and really sell yourself during your next interview.

Example: I know that you are looking for someone who has experience with event planning. I helped my team to plan an event for 100 people. We coordinated catering, music, and entertainment. Our survey mentioned that 90% of people were happy with the event!

Best of luck with your interview! If you have identified your work style and would like to share, let us know! We would love to hear from you.