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How to Answer: If You Got to Live Your Life Over Again, What Would You Change?

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 9, 2020 • 3 min read

If You Got to Live Your Life Over Again, What Would You Change?

While it is never productive to regret, it can be helpful to reflect on your past experiences and ponder what you would do differently. This is a crucial step to improving your life and making positive changes. This blog will share how to answer the common interview question, “If You Got to Live Your Life Over Again, What Would You Change”? This can be a very personal question to answer in an interview setting. You have to open up and reveal details regarding past experiences that left you unfulfilled and disappointed. However, it is essential to share what you have learned and how you have grown from these past situations. Here is how to craft a detailed and personalized response to this question.

would you change

Finding Your Passion Sooner

Revolving your answer around your passion is a great way to share a multi-dimensional slide of yourself that will benefit the interviewer’s evaluation of you as a candidate. Employers love to find passionate employees who love what they do and do it well. You are likely applying to this new job because you have an interest in the required tasks, or you have had successful experiences in similar positions. Now, imagine if you had done some soul-searching and discovered your passion sooner! How would this have affected your career path? Would this change the decisions you have made lifestyle-wise? Would you have been happier at work earlier? Ask yourself these questions as you aim to craft a thoughtful response to this question.

Example: I would have found my passion sooner. I believe this would have given me more motivation and set me on a more direct career path. This way, I would be happier at work and have colleagues with similar mindsets to me. 

More Persistent

Another talking point you can bring up in your interview is persistence. This is a great way to show your growth to your employer. Be sure to use a before and after method of speaking here. For example, you can talk about how you have become more persistent later in your career path, because you were eager to find success and more passionate about the task at hand. Persistence is a fantastic trait to have as a candidate. So, make sure to show off your skills!

Example: I wish that I had learned how to be persistent earlier in my career path. I believe this would have been the ticket for me to achieve more success and strengthen my collaboration and determination skills. 

would you change


Have you ever worked on a team and wondered, how did I ever work without these people?! Now, imagine if you had found these influential colleagues sooner in your career. Along your path, you have surely met people who inspire you and challenge you to be your best self. This can apply to one singular individual or a team that you worked with for an extended period. Bringing up this talking point is a great way to show your appreciation for others and your teamwork skills.

Example: I was highly influenced by the last team I worked on. I was inspired, motivated, and challenged by each individual, and they have positively impacted my career. I wish I had met them sooner and experienced this confidence and friendship for longer. 

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