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How to answer: Tell Me About Your Education

By: Melanie Bacallao
Aug 13, 2020 • 3 min read

How to answer: Tell Me About Your Education

When it comes to applying for internships or even high-level jobs, chances are they want to bring your education background to light. This question is typically asked for internships or positions with strict degree requirements. Knowing how to leverage your academic accomplishments can help your employer see how dedicated you are to learning. 


Work Ethic

Likewise, employers ask this question to gauge your determination and work ethic in places other than a workplace. They would like to see your educational background align with the position’s requirements and responsibilities. Both formal and informal education can help aid you in the process of answering this question.

Tips on how to answer: “Tell me about your education.”

Following these steps can help your interviewer better understand your educational background.

Make it recent and relevant

What courses have you recently taken? Reflect on recent education rather than what you did years ago, unless it’s an impressive feat. Interviewers like to hear about fresh experiences — and knowledge is no different.


Don’t restate your resume

You most likely have critical features about your education noted in your resume. This may include honors, GPA, clubs, and more. Instead of restating, elaborate more on how you were able to achieve what you’ve stated.

Highlight additional skills

If you received any certifications or worked in extracurriculars — mention that. The fact that you’ve gone out of your way to gain extra knowledge will seem valuable to your interviewer.

Mention that you’re still learning

You can end this question off on a high note by stating any instances of outside education. Going to workshops, conferences, or a training program are valid reasons. Saying that you’ve undergone additional certification courses, or have learned specific skills can also aid your response. 

Examples on answering: “Tell me about your education.”

Sample answers on discussing your educational background.

  1. “Though I am still in high school with no real work experience, the medical classes that I’ve taken have taught me about modern experiences in the field. I have also joined my school’s medical club, where we have traveled to visit esteemed doctors and learn more about the medicinal field.”
  2. “HJ University graduated me with a bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in English. I have had the opportunity to be lectured by top psychologists in their field. I was also a part of an official study as one of the main researchers, where we conducted several experiments to prove a popular theory. With my university’s approval, I managed to get this study on my school’s public database. My minor in English has also aided me in soft skills, such as effective communication and leadership.”
  3. “At UA University, my education was fruitful and brought many delightful experiences that have taught me how to perform well in the aviation field. My professors made me engage in hands-on learning, which helped me transition seamlessly to an actual plane environment.”

Good luck with your interview!

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