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How to Answer: What Are Some Positive Characteristics That You Don’t Have?

By: Mariah Rogers
Aug 14, 2020 • 3 min read

How to Answer: What Are Some Positive Characteristics That You Don’t Have?

Answering interview questions is tough, especially when the prompts don’t play to your strengths! It is crucial that you don’t crack under pressure and craft thorough, personalized responses. How do you answer interview questions that ask you to expose your weaknesses and problem areas? In this blog, we will cover how to respond to the interview question, “what are three positive characteristics that you don’t have”? If you are preparing for an upcoming interview, keep reading.

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Be Genuine

Rest assured, your interviewer knows that no one can be perfect at everything. They have hired employees with weaknesses, and they have problem areas of their own! Answer this question in a genuine way that acknowledges the fact you are aware that you have areas to improve in. This will set you apart and allow your employer to get to know you as more than just an applicant.

Example: I know that no one can be perfect at everything, so I try to be aware of my weaknesses and always seek collaboration when I need extra support on a project. 


Focus on growth. After acknowledging that you know your weaknesses and are aware of your areas for improvement, notify your employer that you are ready to grow. Having a growth mindset is crucial when joining a new company. You must be prepared to take on new tasks and learn the ways and means of the company. This shows your employer that you are willing to improve and strengthen your weaknesses.

Example: Although I do not have strong technical skills, I have been participating in an online certification program to enhance my knowledge in this field. I am determined to grow and expand my skillset. 

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Often times, it is easier to learn a new skill or characteristic when working with others. If you have gained a unique ability from collaborating with a coworker from a previous job, talk about it! Employers love to hear that you are willing to take advice from other employees, and that you can take direction and feedback. Feel free to also share about a time when you helped another employee learn a skill that you have mastered!

Example: I enjoy collaborating with teammates to learn new skills and characteristics. My previous team was very forward-thinking, and I struggled with this. So, I worked closely alongside one of my coworkers to expand my thought process and become more innovative. 


Do you play within your comfort zone, afraid to take risks and try new things? This is a common characteristic that many applicants can improve on. Feel free to speak about how you are encouraging and motivating yourself to challenge yourself. Employers love to hear that applicants are hungry for a challenge and willing to take a calculated risk to gain a reward.

Example: I tend to stay within my comfort zone, but I know that challenging myself is vital so that I can keep achieving higher goals. 

Good luck with your interview! You are going to nail it!

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