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How to answer: What attracted you to our company?

By: Melanie Bacallao
Aug 24, 2020 • 3 min read

How to answer: What attracted you to our company?

Hiring managers tend to prep a list of questions to weed out candidates that aren’t serious — and this question is one of them. Similar questions asked are, “What attracted you to this position?” or “Why do you want to work here?” The best way to answer these questions is to be as specific as possible. They may all sound alike, but it is meant to prompt a detailed answer based on how they worded the question. In this case, the question, “What attracted you to our company?” serves as a way for your interviewer to find out why you chose their brand.

It’s crucial to follow these tips to ace this question and set you apart from other candidates.

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1. Study the Company

Research is pivotal when it comes to being interviewed; after all, it determines if you truly paid attention while you applied. Regardless, in this question, hiring managers want to see if you would fit in perfectly with their culture. An excellent way to respond is by knowing how their work culture works, and by studying recent press releases or social media posts. If you have any historical or nostalgic ties to the company, make sure to mention that!

Example: “I felt influenced to apply because I resonate with your company’s mission of making children’s lives better with toys. I had always admired your brand because it impacted my childhood, as well. The recent posts on your LinkedIn show that you’re also cooperating with charities to bring your brand’s mission to life. That sort of dedication and thoughtfulness is what made me decide on wanting to join your efforts.”

2. Share Your Enthusiasm

Hiring managers love to hear what you’d bring to the table compared to other candidates. While this isn’t the question to elaborate on that, you can mention how your assets and skills synergize uniquely with the company. On the contrary, you can also specify what you expect to learn from them. Does the company provide benefits that broaden your career? Do they share the same personal interests and ambitions as you? If so, tailor your response to emphasize your expectations and excitement for what the company offers.

Example: “Your services are at the top of its field, and I feel like learning how to make a seamless interface and UI graphics from your company will broaden my knowledge as a website designer. Your teachings in graphic design and website content creation are something I’ll highly value from the XYZ Brand. It possesses a unique charm and refined quality that is hard to find on a typical website.

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3. Restrain the Flattery

While it’s crucial to talk good about a company you’re applying for, remember not to oversaturate your response with flattery. Too much sugar coating and submissiveness in your response will make it sound like a generic, positive answer rather than an honest one. An example of this would be using too many adjectives like “great” or “good” when referring to the company or its values. Perhaps the company already knows it provides excellent service due to its ratings, so specificity and uniqueness are vital in making your response different.

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