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How to Answer: What is Your Dream Job

By: Shane Hostetler
Aug 5, 2020 • 5 min read
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During a job interview, a common question asked by the interviewers is, “What is your dream job?” This question allows them to see what you hope to obtain from the job and if you are passionate about working with them. 

Answering this question well will show them your ambition, strengths, and goals. You should already have a dream job decided before you enter the interview. Even if you don’t, think hard about your future and your goals in general. Utilize your interests, skills, and successes to help you be prepared for this question.

Here are some tips on how to answer this question well and leave the interviewer impressed:

1. Explain a broad dream job

Giving a general answer to this question is an excellent way for you to be able to elaborate and expand on it. Rather than answering the question by saying the job title, explain the daily tasks and duties you wish to have. 

By not saying one job title, you can talk about your various interests and skills without having to explain how they all come together. Also, you will be able to go more in-depth in what motivates you and what your values are. This all shows that you are multifaceted and well rounded.

Example: My dream job consists of working with designers to create a brand of clothing. I want to use my love for design as well as entrepreneurship to create my own brand. This brand would give a significant portion of its proceeds to help clean the ocean, as preserving the environment is something I am very passionate about. Also, I would love to learn about the newest technologies and design applications that will allow me to make clothing in a way that is efficient and green. 

2. Dive into your skills and interests

This is a great question to talk about your interests. What do you enjoy most, and how did that lead you to your line of work? Why does this career motivate you? Build upon your interests with your skills. 

Mention not only skills that you are good at but the skills you hope to develop and get better at. It is okay to imply that you still have more to learn. This is why it is your dream job.

Example: I have loved art and design since middle school. That is how I chose my college major and had a side hustle of designing t-shirts. I want to use my love of using adobe illustrator and lightroom to continue to grow until I know all the steps in creating my own brand. I have always been a people person, and after managing my team at my last job, I know that is something I want to continue to pursue. 

3. Explain what motivates you, and why

Describe your ideal work environment and where you see yourself being most successful. If you can explain your motivators in a way that shows that the company is what you are looking for, then you are reinforcing that they should hire you.

Using what motivates you to describe your dream job allows you to segway into why you are interviewing for this position and how it will help you reach our dream job.

Example: I feel motivated when I work in an open and talkative atmosphere. I love when all opinions are valued and believe that this is where the best ideas come to fruition. This motivation is why I am looking for a job where I get to work with a team and collaborate with others. 

4. Tell how this job will help you reach your dream

Just like it is essential to have a good idea of what your dream job is before the interview, you should have the right amount of knowledge about the position and company you are applying for. Even though you can talk about all of your skills, interests, and motivators, you should tie it into the position you are applying for.

If you can demonstrate how your interests and skills are similar to the skills of the job, you are showing you are a great candidate. Take time to read the job description and tasks before the interview. Then, decide how your skills and interests fit into this.

Example: Say you are applying to be the manager of an advertising department. Share your interests and skills in art and design, as well as past leadership experiences. You are showing you are an excellent fit for the company without directly saying it.  

Using these tips will help line up the perfect response to the question, “what is your dream job?” We hope this helps!

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