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How to Answer: What Made You Chose This Career Path?

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 15, 2020 • 3 min read

How to Answer:

What Made You Chose This Career Path?

When asked what prompted you to chose your career path during an interview, it can seem overwhelming to craft a response on the spot. There are probably many twists and turns that led you to where you are today. Your interviewer doesn’t need to know every little detail, instead, focus on the passions that guided you along the way. This blog will help you answer: What made you chose this career path?

Mention Mentors

There were probably a lot of external forces that influenced you on your journey. Think back to inspiring people you have met along the way. This could be an old boss, supervisor or professor. Interviewers love to see applicants who can absorb direction and apply it to their own lives. Chose an influential person and highlight important advice or guidance they gave you.

Example: My English professor during one of my courses decided to use of my essays as an example for the class. I realized I had a talent for writing, this is part of what inspired me to be a writer.

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Passions in Your Career

Interviewers want to get to know you. Talk about passions that you have in both your personal and professional life that led you to where you are today. Speak about what inspired you to choose the path that you did. Possible interests you could talk about might be teamwork, hobbies, or creative aspects you possess.

Example: I always loved watching movies growing up, which inspired me to explore filmmaking in college.

Successes Along Your Path

Brag about yourself! Speak about how successes you have achieved have inspired you to choose your career path. This could be an award, promotion, recognition or accomplishment you have achieved. Successes are signs you are doing great work and are in the right career path. Confidence in your successes will radiate to the interviewer during your conversation, and will lead them to be more confident in hiring you.

Example: I knew when I received a promotion in my last job that I was in the right career path for me.

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Growth and Learning in Your Career Path

Employers seek motivated and inspired individuals who crave growth in the workplace. Give examples of growth and learning you experienced in your last position. Touch on where you see yourself in the future as you grow with this company. If you have goals you are hoping to achieve, now is the time to share them!

Example: I would love to eventually be promoted from cashier to store supervisor.

Craft A Story

The best way to respond to this question – what made you choose this career path – is to craft a story about your path. Take each of the tips mentioned before and put them together! People tend to remember stories and examples more than they remember facts, so by creating a story, you are helping the interviewer to remember you. Here’s an example:

Mentors + passion + success + growth = 

I had a neighbor growing up that owned a restaurant in the area. She allowed me to come in and watch her cook on days that weren’t busy. Because I learned so much from her, she became a great mentor to me. I developed a passion for cooking, and learned a lot about different cuisines, techniques, and more. That’s when I decided to take a few courses in culinary arts, and realized that I was really good at it! I enjoyed learning more about all that goes into running a restaurant, and would love to run my own one day!

What led you to choose your career path? Tell us about it! We would love to know!