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How to Answer: When Were You Satisfied With a Final Project?

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 15, 2020 • 7 min read

How to Answer: When Were You Satisfied With a Final Project?

Do you remember a time when you completed a job well done? Have you ever patted yourself on the back after accomplishing a huge goal at work? One that the whole team benefitted from? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are already on your way to crafting the perfect response to this interview question. When a potential employer asks you this question during an interview, this is your time to shine! It is okay to speak highly of yourself and your accomplishments when answering this prompt. You can even brag a bit! Here is how to answer the popular interview question, “when were you satisfied with a final project”?

satisfied with a final project

Focus The Effect, Not The Outcome

Sure, a project can seem like a success upon completion, but what about when the product is put to use? Instead of discussing what a magnificent job you did on a final project, focus on the effect the project had on its users. Did you create a solution to a common problem affecting your workplace and those outside of it? Maybe your project helped educate it’s readers and persuaded them to think differently about an issue. Or, you helped bring awareness to a problem you are passionate about and have others join you. So, instead of focusing on the beautiful PowerPoint or demo product you created, share the effect your efforts had on others.

Example: I was very proud of our team’s flexible work proposal project. We created a professional presentation to show supervisors to promote flexible work for employees in our office. As a result, the plan was approved, and employee happiness has gone up 67% since the last poll!

Process Over Product

Using a process-based approach is another great way to nail your response to this interview question. In this case, you want to focus on the process you used to complete the project instead of emphasizing the final product. This will show how you solve difficult problems, as well as how well you work with others. Almost all projects you have completed in the workplace have been collaborative. So, now is the time to show off your teamwork skills! Feel free to share the challenges you faced, the successes you had, and the lessons you learned from completing a project.

Example: Our team created an algorithm to fix a coding problem our department was having. We faced many challenges in the process because this was such a challenging problem to fix. We even considered scratching the whole thing and starting over instead of coming up with a solution! However, we were able to set our differences aside and focus on the task at hand to complete the project. I am most proud of how our team worked together even when times were tough, and tensions were high. 

satisfied with a final project

Always Reflect

When answering this interview question, you must always pull in an aspect of reflection into your response. Reflect on how your success changed you and motivated you, as well as what you would do differently next time. Companies love to see this because it shows that you have a strong growth mindset, a highly sought-after skill. Think back on the past successful projects you have completed, and do some reflecting before your interview. This way, you’ll be prepared and ready to nail your response when you meet with your potential employer.

Example: I always reflect on what I could do differently next time, even if I complete a successful project. I am always aiming to grow and improve professionally and personally. For example, next time I am placed with a team, I would love to do more out of work activities as a group to all form a stronger relationship with one another.

satisfied with a final project

What To Avoid 

Even if it is true, you should steer clear of saying something like, “I am never delighted with my work.” Your interviewer has asked you this specific question for a reason! They need to find a candidate who has the ability to feel accomplished in the workplace and take pride in the job they do. Although you may think this response makes you look like you are always trying to improve, it can do more harm than good.

Example of what to avoid: I am never delighted with my work. I can’t think of the last time I was entirely happy with a final project I completed! 

Good luck with your interview! When is the last time you were satisfied with a final project? Let us know how it goes on our social media accounts.

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