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How to Answer: Why Are You More Qualified Than Other Candidates?

By: Shane Hostetler
Aug 5, 2020 • 4 min read

How to Answer:

Why are you more qualified than other candidates?

This is a question that is often asked during the interview process, but it can throw off the applicant when they are not expecting it.  That being said, it is a good idea to be prepared with an answer to this question on how you are more qualified than other candidates. 

There are ways to answer this question that both emphasizes your skills and maintains humility. Follow these tips to impress your interviewer. 

more qualified

1. Share what makes you unique

A lot of people applying for this position have experience. They might even have more experience than you do! They are good team players and probably know how to do most of the daily tasks that make up the position. There will always be others that are more qualified than you are, so it’s essential to know how to stand out and explain why you are more qualified in other aspects. 

Share something about you that separates you from the crowd. Whether that is an impressive accomplishment, a skill not required in the job description that would help the company, or something else, just share something memorable.

Example: Some of my past work at my last job got featured in National Geographic. I was able to see my work on their website and my designs inside their magazine.

2. Give your background experience

Sharing your experience is a great way to show your qualifications. A lot of other applicants may not have the experience that you do.

Share the internships and past jobs that you worked hard to have and share what you learned from them. Using your background is a great way to share the qualifications that you have.

3. Do not put down other applicants

It is definitely a good idea to give credit to the other applicants before you answer. Share that you are aware of the strengths and skills that each applicant brings, and you appreciate being screened with other talented applicants.

When answering this question, avoid putting down others to make yourself look better. Doing so rubs the interviewer the wrong way.

Example: First off, I am sure that many other applicants are very skilled, talented, and would be good fits for the position. That being said, I would be a great fit because…

4. Show enthusiasm and interest

Even if you are not the most qualified applicant, showing enthusiasm and interest is an excellent way to make yourself memorable. The interviewer will pick up on your excitement, and that what you may lack in experience you make up for in spirit.

Answer every question during the interview, not acting as if it a chore, but showing how excited that you have more opportunities to impress the interviewer. This way, you can share more about yourself and get more attempts to make yourself stand out. 

Example: I’m excited to share my experiences with you that I believe help me stand out from the crowd. I know that there are many other qualified candidates, but let me talk about my individual experiences that set me apart! 

5. Do not brag

Lastly, there is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. You can be confident and sure in your answer, but stay humble.

It is crucial not to overexaggerate or ramble by saying everything impressive about yourself. Keep your answer to the point and be confident and retain your humility.

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