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How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

By: Caroline Forrest
Aug 7, 2020 • 2 min read

How to answer:

Why should we hire you?

We’ve covered all of the most common interview questions that you might encounter in an interview. Continuing with our theme, we’ll help you answer the tricky question, “why should we hire you?” in this article. Interviews are designed for employers to better know their candidates before electing the right one. But with many candidates and a short amount of time, they need to know one thing: Why should they hire you over another candidate? And what better way to figure that out than to ask you directly.

Today’s job market consists of competitive opportunities waned by an increasing population. With so many candidates, employers want to know why they should pick you. This popular question is used to gauge your reaction, your response under pressure, and learn something more about you in the process. To nail this question, you must learn how to sell yourself. Regardless of your experiences, there are many ways to do so.


Sell Yourself

If you have gotten to the point where you’re in the interview, it’s safe to assume that your resume has impressed them. Therefore, you need to elaborate on your resume further or mention qualities that are not necessarily obvious. By marketing your redeemable qualities and accomplishments, you’re letting your interviewer know what to expect if they hire you. If you speak about being able to drive sales through the roof from your past work experience, they would expect you to replicate that success within their company. Selling yourself gives you the chance to prove that you offer unique and driven results compared to other candidates. You would need to make them see that NOT hiring you would be their loss.

Here are some features you can market yourself with:

  • Soft skills
  • Education
  • Accomplishments
  • Work experience
  • Overcoming tasks
  • Technical skills

You can mention multiple of these to highlight your most redeemable qualities. Or you can pick one and dive into it. Success stories are a common way to answer this question. If you want to differentiate, you can start with how you rose from your failures or elaborate on skills that aren’t often spoken about (such as education or certificates.)


  • “The courses I took at my school have been taught by renowned professors, and their expertise had made me excel in skills that are required for this position. My high GPA and appointed honors prove that I can handle rigorous work and bring results to the table.”
  • “From my past work experiences, I was able to substantially increase social media engagement by 45% in just two weeks. My passion for marketing and creating ad copy delivers promise and success, which I would like to achieve in your company’s guise.”

Study the Job Posting

Tailoring your response to this question by knowing what exactly they are looking for will separate you from the rest of the candidates. Job postings typically mention a company’s mission, values, and features they want to see in a candidate. Format your response to refer back to their job posting while still selling yourself to give yourself an advantage. Companies want to know that you’re genuinely dedicated to their mission and that you want to make it possible if they hire you.

Here are things to look for when studying a job posting:

  • Company’s mission
  • Features of a qualified candidate
  • Requirements
  • Education
  • Experience

If you’re able to tie in what a company looks for, within your answer, you’ll leave a memorable impression on your interviewer. It shows that not only do you have the skills, but that you’re dedicated to learning what the company needs for the position. If your skills or accomplishments blend well with the job posting requirements, make sure to emphasize that.


  • “From your job posting, I understand that you’re looking for someone with leadership qualities. In my previous experience, I was in charge of supervising multiple projects. I was able to lead my team to success due to my effective strategies.”
  • “Your company’s mission is to help make people’s lives easier, which I have done so before. I have built devices that helped make the elderly’s lives easier, and it has been a success locally. With my craftsmanship and deep-rooted ambitions, I want to see your mission come to light.”

Things to Avoid

It’s easy to get in a pitfall when answering such a pressuring question. However, you have to overcome your nerves and avoid falling into familiar tropes that employers dislike.

  • Stretching it out. Keep it short. Try not to go off on a tangent or ramble on. Remember that interviews are meant to be straightforward and concise.
  • Stay Humble. It’s a very easy misstep when trying to sell yourself. Bragging includes trying to step on others, boasting, or even guilt-tripping.
  • Be calm. Employers want you to display confidence, especially for this type of question. They want to know that you’re a capable person who can handle situations under pressure.

It’s important to answer to the best of your ability. Don’t exaggerate points unless it did indeed happen! Honesty is always the key that will help you land the job.

Check out our most common interview questions vault, and you’ll be on your way to answering every interview question in the books! We hope this helped you answer, “why should we hire you?”

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