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How to Find a Job You Really Love

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 23, 2020 • -4 min read

Improve Your Work-Life and Find Your Dream Job

Clocking into work is not sunshine and rainbows all the time. However, it is part of your daily routine, and you deserve to be happy in the workplace. While making money is often the central motivation for getting a job, transitioning this mindset to a more fulfilling approach will change the way you work. Finding a passion and career that you care about, enjoy doing, and also pays the bills should be your priority. Your dream job is out there, and now is your time to find it! This blog shares how to find a job you really love.

Product / Service that Sparks Passion

Have you always been a people person? Fascinated about technology ever since you can remember? If you have a passion, follow it. Let it guide you and see how you can apply your skills to a career. Being excited about a product or service that you are providing will help you tremendously when becoming successful. Also, it will make your days on the job a little more fun! For example, if you are people-oriented, look into the restaurant or retail industry for your next job.

A Location that Fits Your Lifestyle

Location, location, location. Commute and travel time are huge factors that play a role in your happiness with a job. If your current position is burning you out, a long commute won’t help in the slightest. When searching to find a job you really love, consider how far you are willing to travel. Consider gas prices, train tickets, and other expenses that will be needed to get you to your shift. This will help you narrow down your job search. Do you enjoy long car rides and listening to your favorite podcast? Or do you want to be closer to home so that you can take your dog out right when you get off work? The choice is yours!

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Picture the People

In most workplaces, fellow employees and community play a huge role in overall happiness. Think about what company culture is right for you. Do you crave a structured and more formal environment? One where there are clear power structure and little need for communication? Or are you interested in a fast-paced and collaborative work style? Remember that your coworkers’ personalities and interests can significantly affect your overall attitude at work. Think back on what environments of people you have worked well with in the past. Do some soul searching to consider what kind of work culture will best support you. Even if you find your dream job, if the culture doesn’t fit with what you need, you might end up regretting the decision. You will likely be spending more time with fellow employees than your own family, so choose wisely!

Network and Research

When searching for your next job, check out how other people enjoy working for the company. The website Glassdoor offers a platform for individuals to rate employers and talk about their experiences on the job. They are open, honest reviews for current or former employees, so do your research. Reach out to friends and fellow colleagues and ask how they like their current jobs. Network on LinkedIn and connect with past classmates or coworkers to find out what they are doing now, and how they like it. Take a look to see if their recommended companies are hiring. Don’t just go by the job description, get the inside scoop.

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Growth and Challenges

To stay current and motivated in the workplace, seek a job that challenges you mentally and offers an opportunity to grow. Question your interviewers about growth opportunities and future steps you can take with the company. Having the ability to gain promotions and incentives will challenge you to work harder and smarter. The opportunity to grow with the company shows how they value their employees and give rewards for hard work.

Have you just landed your dream job? Let us know!