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How to Maintain a Good Reputation at Work

By: Emily Dawson
Jan 17, 2021 • 6 min read

How to Maintain a Good Reputation at Work – Even When You’re Having One of Those Days. 

Having a good reputation at work is important. You want others to trust and think highly of you in the workplace. The more people like you, the more they will trust you and the better they will treat you. If you want to build up your reputation at work, here are ten ways to do just that.

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Meeting Deadlines

Performing your best is one thing, but getting things done on time is another. If you can meet deadlines or even complete work before it’s due, you will make allies and prove your worth. Meeting these deadlines or completing work early shows that you are efficient and reliable. These are important traits that will build up your reputation and make you the go-to person when people want something done on time.

Offer Help

Always offer help or advice when others are struggling. You never want to spread yourself too thin, so when you cannot help someone, offer your two cents. By offering some aid to a co-worker, you show that you want everyone to succeed. If you offer help or advice in front of a supervisor, they will see you are looking out for the project and team. Never assume that you know more than anyone, but if you have relevant advice, speak up. This is a suggestion that is best used for people who are equal to you. 

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Take Initiative

The most relieving thing is when someone has completed an aspect of a project without having to ask. If you tackle aspects of your work you know will need finishing beforehand, people will think highly of you. You show everyone that you are always thinking ahead and prepared if something unexpected comes up. By doing this, you also show that you would be a good leader. Leading is about organization and thinking on your toes. Always take the initiative to boost your reputation. 

Ask Questions

Meetings can sometimes be unbearable but knowing someone is listening makes them seem less difficult. Asking questions means you are showing that you are listening and requesting clarity on your job. You are showing that you care about the work you do and want the best outcome. Asking questions also tells everyone that you are willing to speak up when things might be difficult or confusing. Communication is the most important aspect of a successful career, so always ask questions.

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Have Adaptability

Try not to be reluctant to change and go with the flow. If you show that you can adapt to any change, people will remember. If you are reluctant, people might be hesitant to let you know that change is coming so that you can prepare. To grow at work, you should be willing to accept change. Your boss may see that you adapted well to a situation and see that you would be better suited for a role with more change. Adaptability will not only grow your reputation but give you opportunities. 

Lift Others

Take any opportunity to encourage, praise, and congratulate others. Lifting others boosts morale and strengthens a team. You show that you are paying attention and care about the success of others when you lift them. By lifting others in public, you open the opportunity for other people to do the same. By lifting others in private, you build stronger relationships with those individuals. If you can become known as the person who is always positive and gracious, your reputation will grow. 

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Be Accountable

Especially when you make mistakes, take accountability. Showing that you are willing to accept your mistakes will highlight your humility and responsibility. You are not blaming others or ashamed of what has happened, which is a big deal in the workplace. Also, be accountable in the way that you always do what you say you will do. Accountability is about honesty and trust, and by being that person, people will think of you this way. 

Do More

Any opportunity you have to do more, take it. Going above and beyond what people expect of you will always boost your reputation. Author John Maxwell suggests, there is a higher goal than meeting expectations in your career. He writes, “Instead of just meeting expectations, you can make it your goal to exceed them. That’s where the joy is. And it’s where lasting impact can be found”. By doing more, you are showing you love your job and want to do the most to help. Never take on too much. The best opportunity to do more is after you have finished all of your required work. 

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Be Consistent

Keep the quality of your work consistent. Your company relies on you to do a good job. Keeping what you do consistently allows others to know what to expect when they get work from you. Keeping the quality of work high makes everyone’s lives easier, but you must always deliver that quality. By being consistent, you show that you are reliable and will always deliver what people ask of you. It also creates a culture of organization. For example, if you submit a document without any errors every time, the person that your work is passed on to knows they don’t have to check it. The process is easier this way. 


The last way to truly maintain a good reputation at work is by reflecting on yourself. Look at your success and your failures and always try to improve. People who are constantly learning and wanting to be better are sought after at every company. Reach out to others to get feedback about how you are doing. Take those critiques and praises and find ways to apply them to your job. Everyone will appreciate the work you are doing.

How do you maintain a positive reputation at work? Connect with us on social media and let us know!

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