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How to Make The Most of Your 30-Minute Break

By: Kaitlyn Hackett
Oct 15, 2020 • 7 min read

How to Make The Most of Your 30-Minute Break

Most traditional jobs require employees to be allotted a 30-minute break during their shift, and it never feels like enough time to enjoy the short time away from work. Either you missed part of your break, you went out to get food and hit traffic, or you just don’t feel like you had a break at all! There are a few tricks that you can use to make your break time feel more productive and relaxing!

Bring Your Own Lunch

Brining a pre-packed lunched to work is a great way to cut costs, eat healthier, and not squander your 30-minute break. Rushing out of work to grab food, scarf it down, and run back to work is tiring and expensive. Instead, try to pack lunch from now on! You will find that you don’t spend as much frivolous money each week on takeout food. Healthier eating habits could be another upside curbing takeout meals! There are even foods that you should avoid to be more productive. If a craving for a particular restaurant ever hits, you can organize delivery with a few coworkers to be brought in right when your break starts. This is a great way to enjoy your break as soon as it begins without scrambling to pick up food.

WFH Style

If you are part of the WFH life right now and are finding difficulty eating lunch during the day, meal prep! Even though you are home, it’ll be easier to reheat or grab a premade lunch from your fridge. This way, you can eat without pausing/missing a call to make food.

30-minute break

Set a Reminder

Working through part of your 30-minute break is extremely common. It is great to be so dialed in to your work that you forget the time. However, a mental break during the day from your job is beneficial to your productivity and mental health. Prioritize your health at work and use the time provided to break from the job; eating a balanced lunch and allowing your brain to shut off from your workload is important. Setting a reminder for break time if you are working from home is paramount. Don’t let work overwhelm your day so much that you forget to eat or even use the bathroom!

Write a ‘To-Do’ List

A to-do list is a great alternative to being productive without really needing to do anything. Writing a to-do list can help focus your busy schedule down to the most important tasks. They can motivate you in a way to check-off as many boxes as you can. Next time during your break, try writing one and see if it helps focus your possibly overwhelming daily duties on more manageable tasks! A replacement for a ‘to do’ list can be writing other forms of lists or writing a grocery list, a goal of the day list, or even just a journal entry. Personal writing can be therapeutic and an easy way to sneak in self-care in the middle of your day.

30-minute break

Take a Walk

Try to take a 10 or 15-minute walk during your break to enjoy the fresh air. It doesn’t need to be strenuous, just a block or two around your workplace to get moving during the workday. A breath of fresh air will help clear your mind from work stress and get some endorphins running through your body! It doesn’t have to be a walk either! There are other options like yoga, meditating, a HIIT quick workout, and even dancing. Use part of your break to move and relax in any way that will allow you to move without being weighed down with work or stress.

Try a Podcast

Podcasts are not for everyone, but there is a podcast for everyone. Even if you don’t think you will be a fan of a podcast’s listening style, try a few different ones out in your area of interest. There are podcasts for anything you can think of, some are longer, and some are shorter. Find the one that fits in with your breakdown and use it as a form of escapism. Podcast communities are often very inclusive, and you may end up enjoying podcasts as your daily ritual during the break.

30-minute break

Check Up on Friends and Family

Life can get pretty busy that we forget to check in with close friends or family. It isn’t something to feel bad about or something you should stress over. Break time can be an easy time to send out checking-in texts or call to your loved ones. A quick ‘how are you doing’ text can brighten someone’s day immediately.

Don’t Forget to RELAX!

At the end of the day, your break should be just that… a break. Use the time to do anything that will help your mental health and stress levels. If you feel overwhelmed, use the time to simply eat and maybe watch a quick show on Netflix. On the other hand, if you want to keep up with your work productivity momentum, try writing a to-do list or take a walk outside. Do not stress about doing too much during the short break!

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