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How To: Make the Most of Your Day Off

Danielle Jin
By: Danielle Jin
Oct 11, 2020 • 7 min read

How To: Make the Most of Your Day Off

Ah, it’s here, at last: your day off from work. You asked for it in well in advance, you did your waiting, and now it’s finally here for you to enjoy. Whether you took the day off to spend time at a planned event, or you simply wanted the day to yourself to reset and give yourself a break, it’s important to take advantage of your mini-vacation! Whether you’re someone who works full-time or you’re a student who simply needs a day off from classes, everyone needs a break from time to time. People become happier, more productive, and put in a better mindset after being given some time to themselves. If you have some vacation time coming up, make sure you use the time wisely. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your well-deserved day off! 

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Make a Plan 

This first tip may sound counterintuitive since days off are typically used to not be stressed about what you need to do, but if you know in advance what you want to do with your temporary free schedule, you’ll be able to enjoy it for longer! Even if you know all you want to do with your day is sit on the couch, eat takeout, watch Netflix, make that your gameplan ahead of time instead of waking up on the day off and spending hours trying to think of what you want to do. 

Make Sure You Really Are Free 

There is absolutely nothing worse than being midway through your day off, realizing you have vital work that needs to be done. This tip mainly applies to college students taking a mental health day from classes who may have assignments due or exams to take on their day off. If you want a break from your work, that’s fine, and sometimes it’s definitely necessary, but to ensure your academic status doesn’t suffer, triple check your assignment schedule to see that you are 100% free. If you aren’t a student, this still applies to you and your job. Communicate with your coworkers, managers, and whoever else you work with to make sure your presence truly isn’t needed for the day. 

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Do What YOU Want to Do 

Getting a day off from all of your responsibilities is seldom occurring, so be sure that you’re spending the time doing what you want to do. If friends or even family are trying to make you use your day off to pull you into doing something you aren’t crazy about, it’s okay to tell them no! If you aren’t going to be enjoying yourself doing whatever they have planned, you’re essentially wasting your vacation day. Of course, if there is an event you really should be attending, you may have to sacrifice just one day, but more often than not, you have the option to tell someone you’d rather take the day to yourself. 

Don’t Stretch Yourself Out to Thin 

A whole day of free time is enough to make anyone overly excited and have them running to their phone to start making plans. That’s great! However, keep in mind that it really is just one day off, so try not to shove a weekend’s worth of activities into a single slot of 24 hours. Most people tend to crave at least a few hours of relaxation on their day off, so if you pack your schedule with nonstop things to do, then you might tire yourself out even more and head back to work the next day feeling more or less like a zombie. Be strategic with the time off you have so you can find the perfect balance between having fun and recharging your body and mind!

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Bear in Mind Which Day of the Week You Take Off 

Similar to the previous tip, keep in mind what day of the week you’re taking off. If your vacation day falls on a Friday, you have a lot more freedom to pick what you want to do. You can stay out late and not worry about dragging yourself to work the next morning. However, on the other hand, if you have a Monday off, you probably won’t want to do this. So, this being said, be smart about which activities you plan. Especially if they occur towards the night! You are still a working professional, even when you’re not on the clock. So, don’t do anything you’ll regret just a few hours before you have to head back into the office. Instead, give yourself a “curfew” of sorts. This ensures that you’ll be able to get enough rest the night before you go back to work. 

It’s Okay To “Wing It”

Of course, some people much prefer to just “wing it” and see where their day takes them. However, for the planners out there, try following some of these tips to make the most of your break! Remember, everyone needs some time to themselves to reset their mind and overall headspace, so don’t be afraid to take one of your vacation days even if it doesn’t seem entirely necessary (no planned events, appointments, etc.). Happy relaxing, everyone! 

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