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How To Make Your Company More Appealing to Candidates

By: Kaylyn McKenna
Oct 23, 2020 • 6 min read

How To Make Your Company More Appealing to Candidates

Finding the perfect fit for a role in your company can be challenging. It becomes even more challenging when you find that you aren’t getting enough enthusiastic and qualified applicants to post an opening. If you aren’t getting the response you would like from your job postings, try these steps to make your company more appealing to candidates. You’ll be attracting qualified, inspired candidates in no time!

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Be Competitive With Compensation

This one seems like a given. Most job applicants would cite monetary compensation as one of the deciding factors for applying for and accepting a job. However, many employers do not take enough time to evaluate their compensation plans. This limits the talent that they can attract and retain. If you plan to post the pay rate or range in your job ads, it’s especially important to be sure that the compensation that you’re advertising is in line with industry and regional standards. Negotiation of compensation is normal. However, posting a low range or salary estimate will cause you to miss out on top talent.

Re-Evaluate Continuously

The cost of living and compensation expectations can change each year. If an employee is leaving, don’t assume that their salary is still competitive in the current market. Use sites like Glassdoor and PayScale to get an idea of what other employers in your region and industry are paying for similar job titles. The job market may be competitive right now due to the pandemic. Still, employees who feel they are underpaid will not stick around for very long, even if they accept a lower-paying job in the interim due to current economic conditions.

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Evaluate Your Benefits Offerings

Benefits are also part of the overall compensation package, and while they often aren’t as big of a concern to applicants as salary, offering great benefits can attract applicants. Be sure to mention the job description if you offer any above and beyond benefits like a wellness stipend or home office stipend. If you cover 100% of employees’ health insurance premiums or have a shorter than average wait period for health insurance (the standard is 3 months. Some employees will make benefits effective the first of the month following hire).

Use Glassdoor

Glassdoor has many features such as salary insights and job postings, but it is most known for its company review feature. Applicants will look up your company on Glassdoor to see whether it’s worth applying to, so make sure that you have positive reviews listed. Ask your current employees to share their thoughts about the company on Glassdoor by writing reviews. Glassdoor is a resource used heavily by job seekers. Still, people often do not think about it once they’re hired and forget to review their interview or employment experience with the company. A reminder and some encouragement can go a long way in getting your employees to take the time to write a review. Of course, this works out much better if you have happy and engaged employees who will write positive reviews.

Remember, people can also write reviews of their interview experience even if they are not hired, so be sure to communicate with applicants along the way and create a positive experience for candidates, even if they are not a good fit.

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Write Compelling Job Descriptions

The job posting is your chance to reel in applicants and convince them that they want to work for your company. Make sure to invest time into crafting the right job description that will appeal to your perfect candidates. Also include some information on why the job and company would appeal to them. Remember, applications and interviews are a two-way conversation. You need to sell your company just as they need to sell themselves. Be sure to mention the company culture, benefits, perks, and major achievements or employee happiness initiatives.

Workplace Perks

Not every company will be able to offer nap pods and exquisite onsite catering like Google. Still, sometimes workplace perks go a long way in promoting your company’s branding as an employer and attracting applicants. Do you have weekly catered lunch at the office or quarterly offsite team lunches or dinners? Does your team participate in fun team building activities or hold an annual meeting with special activities planned? Do you give employees any extra time off like their birthday or a day off to volunteer? These things are not required, but if you do offer anything fun and special to your employees, make it known. Applicants want to work for a company that values its employees and has a positive and friendly atmosphere.

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Give Your Careers Page A Makeover

Your company’s career page shouldn’t just be a place to post jobs. You should also share information about the company, its culture, values, and what working there would actually be like. Share what makes the company culture unique, how much growth you’ve experienced, and what they can expect if hired by the company. Highlighting a few current employees is also a great way to add personality to the career section. Have employees share what they enjoy about working with your company and a bit about their journey so far. Sharing stories of employees that have grown and moved up within the company also sends a positive message to prospective applicants.

Share Your Values

Today’s applicants care about the values and ethics of the companies that they apply to. Mission and value statements are not just for nonprofits; all companies should have a set of values. They can include simple things like maintaining a positive work environment for employees, your commitment to providing the best product or service to customers, or reducing waste in the office. They can also be even simpler one-word terms such as honesty, trust, accountability, etc. You do not need a complex mission statement or list of values, but sharing something that gives applicants an idea of how you do business and what you value can be compelling.

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