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How To Nail Your Next Online Interview

By: Mariah Rogers
Apr 10, 2020 • 5 min read

Top 5 Tips to Nail Your Online Interview

Due to the current COVID-19 climate, the workforce as we know it has transitioned to an online platform. While some tasks are easy to complete online, others have us all getting a little more creative. For many companies, online interviews have become a reality. In these 5 steps you will learn how to nail your next online interview, from behind your computer screen.


1. Dress the Part

While in quarantine, it can be hard to get ourselves out of pajamas and into work clothes. However, logging onto your interview in fresh, clean, professional attire can give off a great first impression! Wearing business professional clothing (even if it’s only on the top) can let your interviewer know you are ready to take the job seriously. It communicates that you give respect and are motivated to be your best self while on the job. Wearing office clothes at home might even make you more productive for your day!

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2. Research & Review

Just like you would do for an in-person interview, it is important to research the company and review the job position you are applying for. It can be tempting to look up quick facts on your computer while on the call, but a prepared applicant is more likely to get the job offer. Check out the company website! Do some searching on the company values, mission and cooperate culture. Review the job description and tailor pieces of your experiences to the requirements they are looking for. Being prepared is key to nailing your online interview. You can never be too prepared!

3. Coach Yourself

Practice makes perfect, so put on a show in your living room! You can google sample interview questions and come up with quick responses and fast facts. Practicing what you will say during the interview will instill confidence and give you an extra feeling of preparation. Feel free to film yourself doing a mock interview and watch it back. Notice your facial expressions and hand gestures, these nonverbal cues can relay your emotions to the interviewer. Lights, camera, action!

4. Secure A Spot

Find a spot in your house that is free from distractions to conduct your interview. This space should be well lit and have a plain background so that the interviewer can focus on you! It gives the impression of professionalism and will help you from getting directed during the video chat as well. Set up a notebook and paper to jot down any important details.

5. Send A Thank You

It is important to follow up with your interviewer after the video call is over. You can thank them in a letter or email, whichever you prefer. Make sure to thank them for their time and mention certain points from the interview that excited you about the position. Make it timely! Send out the thank you later that day or the day after the interview is over. A sincere thank you card can work wonders in solidifying the great impression you just made, even if it was virtually.

Have any tips for nailing your online interview? Let us know!

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