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Rally for Restaurants

By: JobGet
Mar 27, 2020 • 2 min read

Ready To Rally?

Restaurant sales are down more than 80% across the board… which means that what is typically an 800 BILLION dollar per-year industry is quickly being reduced to mere pocket change. Millions of restaurant waiters, bartenders, cooks, hosts, and dishwashers have either been laid off or furloughed in recent weeks. Rally for Restaurants is here to help!

These businesses – and the men and women who make them run – are hurting right now. For them, working from home isn’t an option, and “social distancing” means not receiving a paycheck. Luckily, there are several ways that you can help soften the economic blow of COVID-19. Let’s help lift these folks back on their feet.

Let’s Rally For Restaurants

Rally for Restaurants, launched by Toast, is one such initiative by which ordinary citizens can have an extraordinary impact on the lives of restaurant workers and proprietors. To join the movement, “simply buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant. You’ll support small businesses in desperate need of short-term financial support. Also, you will help to kick-start the local economy after a period of extreme uncertainty.” – Via Toast 

Just search the name of your favorite restaurant or just enter your location, and results will pop up. Don’t see the restaurant you’re looking for here? Make a request that they are added to the site!

South Boston Search For Restaurants:

By purchasing a gift card or ordering takeout, you’re providing businesses with much-needed income in a time of crisis. This pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another, but we can all work together to help each other out. For people in the restaurant industry, it has been nothing short of apocalyptic. Those of us who can spare the cost of takeout or a gift card, this is the time to be charitable! Also, you’ll get to look forward to getting all of your favorite foods when restaurants open up again.

Thanks for reading and rallying behind your local restaurants. If you have any tips on how to support your community during this time, let us know!

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