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Stay Busy While Social Distancing – Winter Edition!

Erin Davis
By: Erin Davis
Nov 18, 2020 • 6 min read

Stay Busy While Social Distancing – Winter Edition!

Unfortunately, this pandemic does not seem to be going away anytime soon. Social distancing has consumed our social lives, and going outside the house is not how it used to be. Either way, we all need to continue to be creative. Exploring new interests and benefits of staying in during the pandemic is the best way to stay entertained. Going to the beach and hiking are off the table with winter coming, and it can be more difficult to have family gatherings outside. Although the weather change does make a slight difference, winter can still be full of pandemic friendly activities. As the temperature drops, your spirits don’t have to! Here are fun activities you can try this winter while social distancing.

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Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Digital tours are the new trend. Not only can you use Google Maps to explore different cities, but you can take a digital museum tour. The Museum of Modern Art, the Louvre, DC’s Gallery of Art, and many other locations offer digital tours. This can be a fun Friday night activity with roommates or even on a Zoom call with friends. Interacting without going to the actual museum is rare, especially since traveling to these famous locations is not something everyone can do or afford to do. 

Find a New Hobby

This was the number one suggestion during the first wave of the virus. Many people took the time for self-improvement, while others found the transition to be more challenging. As predicted, the virus is spreading throughout many places in America, and business are talking of or starting to shut down again. Finding a new hobby such as painting, an instrument, DIY activities, blogging, or anything else that may be of interest can be a great way to make use of this time and keep yourself entertained. There is no harm in trying! 

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Take Care of Yourself

During the first wave of quarantine, apps and social media such as Tok-Tok were filled with transformation videos. People were updating their homes, getting their home office set up, and making the most of the extra time away from work. This perpetuates the ability to be able to take care of yourself. Being sure to focus on self-care, mentally and physically, is extremely important during the stressful time. Using this second chance to take care of yourself can be beneficial in all areas of life, especially if you are experiencing mixed emotions regarding the cold weather and socially distanced holidays. 

Clean and Organize

Although it is usually known as spring cleaning, cleaning anytime is never a bad idea. Go through your closet and reevaluate your sense of style. Donate or sell what you no longer use! Look through the junk drawers of the house and find a way to reorganize. This can then provide the opportunity to reinvent your style, update your house, or maybe simply getting rid of unnecessary clutter that can lead to stress. Cleaning opens up possibilities for change and can be the perfect start to purge your life during the pandemic. It also is a time-consuming task, so in the state of boredom, it will make your day fly by!

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Winter is cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bundle up. Try stargazing from the comfort of your backyard! This eliminates the travel time, interaction with people outside of your circle and allows you to bring all of the blankets you want. Bring a late-night snack or dessert, and make an evening out of it, or maybe just start making it an end of the day ritual. You can also build a fire or purchase an outdoor heater to stay warm. Studying the stars can be interesting and will take hours. The night sky is clear lately due to a reduction in light pollution and fewer planes flying in the sky. Now is the perfect time to learn about astrology and take on this new hobby!

Throw a Netflix Party

Through the Chrome extension, you can host Netflix viewing parties. If you miss going to the movies or watching movie marathons with all of your friends, this is still possible. Gather some snacks and watch from the comfort of your bed while inviting all of your friends to watch with you. The movie will be synced up on all of your devices, eliminating the Facetime or Zoom lag in sound. This way, you can also communicate during the movie, as if you were all in the same room. Netflix has also added a series of new shows and movies to help during the pandemic, including Dawson’s Creek (highly recommend). Some of them are older, while others are Netflix originals, making there is something for everyone whether you are looking to watch or rewatch.

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Teach Yourself Something New 

Another way to focus on self-improvement is to teach yourself something new. There is always more to know globally, and these skills could probably benefit you. Learning a new language can have tangible benefits when traveling or even being paid more at a position. Learning how to design a web page or working on a personal project can be the beginning of a passion. As mentioned before, these skills can even be transferable to work and include taking classes at a university. Now, everything is online for most schools, meaning it can be an opportunity to use the extra time to get another degree or update your knowledge.

Grow a Garden

This last one may seem a little strange for the winter, but growing a garden is still an option. Look into how to bring your garden indoors or expand your succulent collection. This can be a great way to bring some green and happiness into your space and help with decoration or productivity. Having a nice working space with some green can help distract from the cold outdoors and add a little hope to the world. Figuring out how to garden and what plants work well indoors is also an entertaining project that can take up quite a bit of time!

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