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The 30-Second Dance Party

By: Caroline Forrest
Oct 14, 2020 • 4 min read

The 30-Second Dance Party Essentials

Whether you are losing motivation during the workday, feeling a bit blue from the weather, or sick of staring at the same four walls, a 30-second dance party might be just the thing you need. Never heard of a 30-second dance party? We’ll break it all down for you! (In more ways than one.)


What is a 30-second dance party??

A 30-second dance party is – just that – a dance party with your favorite dancing music for at least 30 seconds. Whether you have a friend, roommate, significant other, family member, or fluffy pet, grab them and get started! Don’t have anyone with you? No worries – you can dance on your own too.

You can use loud speakers or headphones, rock and roll music, or fast-paced classical. If you’re feeling fancy, you can dress up or just wear your pajamas. You can dance with others or on your own! The important part is that you are spending at LEAST 30 seconds moving your body to the music and forgetting about everything else that might be going on in your world.

The main idea: sometimes you move to the music, and sometimes, the music moves you!


Why is this silly thing important to do?

A 30-second dance party is silly, fun, and energizing. When you move your body like this, you can achieve a few fundamental goals. First, moving all different parts of your body gets your blood flowing quickly and your heart pumping. After sitting down or staying stationary for some time, getting your blood pumping is important for your physical health. Second, a silly dancing session might be just what your brain needs to take a quick break from any task or issue you may have been focusing on. Finally, this quick dance may provide some food for your soul. Being able to break out of our shells (physically and mentally!) is an excellent way to improve our mood, boost our health, and give ourselves a much-needed (and well-deserved) break.

Humans are social, adventurous creatures. Even if you are an introvert or shy, your brain still craves interaction other than working, sleeping, and staying in one place. Especially during quarantine, when so many of us have been stuck inside when we would typically be doing things outdoors with other people or going on adventures on our own, our brains need some relief!

This relief can be found by breaking the cycle of monotony and doing something unexpected – ergo, the 30-second dance party.


Okay, now, how do I have a 30-second dance party?

This part is fun. Find your favorite tunes – whether it is an old song you loved while you were at school, or something fast-paced that brings back a fun memory, crank up the volume and let the beat take over!

My favorite tips for the best experience:

  1. Close your eyes. You don’t need to see anything, just feel the beat!
  2. Make space! You don’t want to bump into anything or stub your toes – so make room for your body to move.
  3. Don’t try too hard. This isn’t about showing off your best dance moves. This moment is for you to break out of your responsibilities – and let yourself move!
  4. Sing along! Let the music drive you – if you feel like singing, belt it out.
  5. Be your own biggest fan. You’re taking this break for you – cheer yourself on!


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