Knowing the Value of Employees: What Employers Must Realize

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 15, 2021 • 2 min read

Employees have much greater bargaining options now over employers for a good reason. This is why many companies are making an effort to incentivize their job openings to entice the right applicants. It’s a trend in response to massive quitting trends all across the country.

During the COVID-19 pandemic’s first few months, it’s true that finding work became harder as business owners had to retrench operations. This was evident in almost all sectors, but most prominently in the restaurant, hospitality, and travel sectors. With the economy opening again, workers have greater demands now over the fairness and security of their work conditions.

The Truth Revealed During the Pandemic

As businesses attempted to adapt to pandemic restrictions, a lot of internal and external processes had to be modernized. From weekly face-to-face meetings to video conference calls, many tedious procedures were exposed to be not-so-necessary after all. For this reason, many workers realized the cracks in a broken system.

Employees started to become more vocal about institutional change, making the world rethink the current model of workplaces. Besides greater salary rates, other forms of benefits and compensation were brought up to change. Employers who were not receptive to these calls for change are at risk of getting flak from the public or expect employees to quit early.

The Importance of Security and Safety

An open secret was revealed by the pandemic, something that has long since bothered the workforce. As investigated by the Traitify Happiness Report, over 1,000 hourly workers admitted that job security is a priority over career advancement and other benefits. During times of struggle, these employees need to have a constant source of income to face any crisis. This is now the challenge for employers to impart and reassure their staff.

The wariness the workforce feels is a need to have psychological safety. It’s a prevailing threat concerning many workers during the pandemic, especially as work and life boundaries are blurred due to hybrid work arrangements. Managers need to respect and respond to these boundaries as a natural part of coordinating with employees.

This psychological safety used to have solid borders with the standards of hourly work arrangements, from cubicles to office grounds. Nowadays, hybrid work conditions make it more difficult to separate workplace needs to personal affairs. These variables have a crucial impact on employee receptivity and retention.

The Value of Striking the Right Balance

A competitive salary isn’t the only thing modern employees are looking for in a job; it’s also about finding a compatible work arrangement. Poor matches can lead to bad hires and poor employee-employer relationships overall. For example, a competitive person needs to find a job that caters to their strong points. This will allow them to work toward getting incentives and progressing in their career.

Another factor employers need to consider is transparency and openness. With companies offering different work arrangements considering the pandemic, job hunters are pickier about finding an agreeable and negotiable employer. These are just some of the lessons employers need to learn about today’s modern workforce pool. Without acknowledging these preferences, companies will have a hard time finding compelling candidates for their openings.


The power struggle between employers and employees has changed for the better, allowing both parties to recognize what they can do for each other best. Unfortunately, businesses are still warming up to the idea of extending a helping hand. For this reason, aspiring applicants must be more vigilant with their options in the job market.

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