What Is The Future Of Remote Work?

By: Mariah Rogers
Nov 19, 2020 • 6 min read

What Is The Future Of Remote Work? Only Time Will Tell – But We Do Know This.

Working from home has many of us wondering if we will ever return to the office. Some of us are thriving with the new work from home lifestyle, while others are itching to return to a more traditional work environment. While we don’t have all the answers, we know that the pandemic has proved to us that working remotely is possible for many more industries than one might think. There are a lot of pros and cons to each situation. On the one hand, working in the office provides a structured feeling of routine, allowing us to communicate face-to-face. While remote work offers a unique opportunity to experience flexibility and create a work-life balance. So, let’s look at some of the different factors that will shape remote workers’ future.

future of remote work

Technology Proficiency Will Be a Requirement 

In the past, it was acceptable to hire employees who had little experience with technology. Most basic work programs are designed to be relatively intuitive, making it easy for the employee to learn as they go. However, now that telecommuting is becoming a common occurrence, it is crucial to hire proficient technology employees. There will be no one with them to walk through the programs your company uses, so they must have experience off the bat. Employers will require applicants to jump on board as soon as they are hired, and they must be able to effectively communicate using virtual tools to be successful. The future of remote work will change the hiring process as we know it, making technology experience an essential skill for candidates.

Employees Will Need to Be Self-Motivated

When you think of a typical work environment, you may invasion yourself hard at work with your boss peeking over your shoulder every so often. You might think of collaborative meetings to check-in regularly on progress or intense training sessions. As remote work rises in popularity, so does the demand for self-motivated workers. Working from home requires self-discipline that motivates the employee to get up, get working on-time, and complete projects by deadlines. Expectations for employees will dramatically shift as remote work expands. While most companies understand employees who are currently transitioning to online work and putting less pressure on deadlines, this will not be the case as virtual work continues.

future of remote work

Problem-Solving Will Become an Essential Skill

Think about your current team at work. There are probably some employees who are good at problem-solving, and others…not so much. Some employees need a bit more direction and support than others. However, when working from home, every employee on the team must be a strong problem-solver. This is because remote work requires team members to be much more independent than in a typical office setting. They will need to troubleshoot work challenges, computer glitches, household disruptions, and more.

Setting Boundaries Will Be Crucial 

Since the pandemic, the workforce is experiencing something it never has before. For the first time, everyone is available and accessible 24/7. Have you ever thought to yourself, “because of the pandemic, weekends don’t feel like they exist anymore”! If so, you’re not alone. This is because we are all home, attached to our cell-phones, and constantly seen to be “available.” Thus, it is critical to set boundaries for yourself and keep from getting overwhelmed due to responsibilities at work. Work-life balance is key, and employees will only experience success if they avoid burnout.

future of remote work

Effective Communication Will Lead to Success 

Sometimes, you just have to be face-to-face with someone to explain a situation well enough so they understand. Unfortunately, this is not always possible when working remotely. So, employees must be able to communicate effectively. If that doesn’t work, they must be able to get creative to continue to make progress. This means that employers will seek applicants with great spelling and grammar techniques, who also can respond quickly to urgent messages. Say goodbye to leaving work at 5pm, because remote can sometimes seem like a full-time job. So, expectations for availability will be much more demanding as remote work continues to rise in popularity.

There Will Be an Opportunity for More Diverse Teams 

Remote work offers the unique opportunity to collaborate with employees who live globally. This can be a unique and exciting experience. However, it will mean that companies should focus on providing increased diversity training so that teams can synergize effectively. Cultural norms and values differ from place to place, so work will become an opportunity to learn more about others from all across the map and complete the task at hand. The importance of diversity training and inclusive teams will heighten, and it will be more important for employees to be adaptable.

future of remote work

Remote Conflict-Resolution Is Expected  

How do you handle conflict over the phone with friends and family members in your personal life? It can be easy to simply put down your phone and “ghost” these individuals for a bit until the problem settles. However, this will not be an option when working remotely. You can not block or ghost fellow team members when issues arise. Instead, employees need to have strategies to diffuse conflict remotely. This can be awkward and uncomfortable, but differences must be set aside to get the job done.

Video Conference Etiquette Must Be Intuitive

Video conference etiquette must become second nature as remote work life continues. This means sitting at a desk, dressed appropriately, with your camera on for meetings! The days of turning your camera off to enjoy a snack off-screen are over. Professionalism over the phone will become expected as time continues, and this etiquette must be common knowledge. You must also set yourself up in a quiet location with a professional background. Update your lighting and sound so that your image is always clear and visible. It is the little details that really make a difference! But hey, you can still wear sweatpants, we won’t tell!

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