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Why Retail Managers Should be Hiring with JobGet

By: JobGet
Feb 14, 2020 • 2 min read
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It’s tough to judge a good retail employee just by looking at their resume. There are too many intangibles that can’t be conveyed on a piece of paper. Experience is important, sure. But so is personality.

Your store has its own unique atmosphere. It’s own unique brand. Just because someone has worked in a retail setting before, doesn’t mean that they will be a good fit for your business.

A retail employee — particularly someone who will be working on the sales floor — has to be a “people person.” They have to be a brand ambassador who is, themselves, on-brand.

This person is going to be helping customers, moving products, and keeping the store looking its best. Not just any person off the street will be able to do that for you.

That’s exactly why the JobGet app is the perfect tool for retailers looking to hire new employees. We connect you, face to face (digitally), with qualified applicants so you can decide whether or not they’re the right person for the job. Then, if you like them, we’ll set up an in-person interview at your earliest convenience.

We’ve helped thousands of job seekers connect with employers, sometimes hours or even minutes of posting the job.

A few months ago, CVS needed someone to cover a shift later that day and we asked them to try JobGet. They interviewed one of our candidates less than an hour later, and hired this employee that day. We work with retailers in all sorts of diverse markets. Here are just a few!

Retail Results

We are ecstatic to see they seem pretty happy with the results!

“Amazing and very easy to use, hired 3 people within three weeks. JobGet is much more efficient to use then other hiring platforms. 10/10 would recommend!” — Bed Bath & Beyond, Boston, MA

“I just opened a brand new location for a corporate company and needed staff FAST! JobGet has been fantastic. I have found and hired several candidates through this app and have recommended it to other managers!” — Charlotte Russe, Braintree, MA.

For case studies on some of our other employers, check them out on our website

See a Face

Our platform turns 2-dimensional resumes into 3-dimensional multi-media profiles. By seeing a face rather than just a piece of paper, you’ll get a much better sense of the applicant’s personality and can judge whether or not they will be a good fit for your business. You can message them directly on the app to request more info about their work/life experience, and you can video chat for a more interview-like screening.

Retail Speeds

Speed is the name of game when it comes to online hiring in 2020. JobGet cuts out all of the unnecessary paperwork that bogs down the hiring process and gives you the information you need to set up an interview as soon as possible. The market is lousy with overpriced job boards that all do the exact same thing. We’ve proven that we’re different.

Interested in giving us a shot to earn your business this year? Reach out! For more info about JobGet, check out our website.