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Your Favorite Co-Worker Quit. Now What?!

By: Mariah Rogers
Oct 19, 2020 • 6 min read

Your Favorite Co-Worker Quit. Now What?!

Workplace breakups are a real thing. If your favorite co-worker has quit their job at your company and taken another position, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about! Losing a work friend who you see daily and rely on can be tough to handle. Building positive and trusting workplace relationships is something special. It is not uncommon to feel a bit lost and abandoned as you handle the transition of losing your favorite coworker to another company. Here is how to put everything into perspective and focus on your happiness at work.

your favorite co-worker

Mourn The Loss

This might sound silly, but it is okay to allow yourself to feel sad at the loss of your favorite coworker! Having someone you look forward to working with can make your shifts go by faster and the time spent at work a lot more fun. It is okay to allow yourself to reminisce on funny workplace jokes, special accomplishments, and collaborative moments you shared with your favorite work friend. Here is how!

  • Enjoy their last few weeks working at the company.
  • Work on your favorite collaborative projects.
  • Gain feedback from them on how their work experience was at the current company.


Communicating how much you appreciate your favorite coworker is one way to handle this tough transition. Let them know that they will be missed! However, it is important to show them how proud and happy you are for them! They have made an important personal and professional decision to advance their career.

Ways to say “thank you”:

  • Celebrate their achievements at the current company.
  • Reminisce about collaborative successes.
  • Allow them to finish strong and not get distracted.

your favorite co-worker


Celebrating the accomplishments of your coworkers is important in any setting. This is especially true if you have a special bond with this person! Make an effort to celebrate everything they have achieved at your current company, and congratulate them on achieving big things in their next role. Doing something special for them before leaving the company will help you maintain a relationship even after both parted ways.

Ways to celebrate your favorite employee:

  • Throw a small team party to celebrate in the office.
  • Go out for lunch on their last day.
  • Have the office write a going away card.

Do Not Get Distracted

It is important to not get distracted from your current tasks, even though it will be the last time you and your favorite coworker will be working together. This is crucial for both your coworker and yourself. Your coworker needs to be able to finish their time at the current company strong. This is because they might need a recommendation or review from the employer in the future. The last 2-weeks that they spend at the company can truly reveal their character and work ethic. So, allow them to stay focused! You also do not want to get behind on projects and assignments because your favorite coworker is leaving the company. You will need to forge ahead even after they move forward with their career.

your favorite co-worker

Begin To Build Other Relationships

Sometimes, if you have one go-to coworker, you can become blinded to other awesome employees who work at your company. So, now is the time to branch out and get to know your other coworkers! This is a very healthy way to transition from working collaboratively with your favorite coworker, to be more independent in the workplace. Working with new team members can allow for new ideas to be created and different perspectives to be shared. This can improve how you think about problem-solving and innovation.

How to branch out and get to know other coworkers: 

  • Ask someone new to get lunch during your break.
  • Collaborate with others and ask for feedback on projects you are working on.
  • Inquire about other team members career backgrounds.
  • Network with others through Linkedin and other professional sites.
  • Ask questions and get the conversation started!

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