Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston Partnering with JobGet

Boston-based start-up company JobGet will help to serve the Boston youth community by providing job opportunities and workshops across the city.
Boston, MA, Feb 18, 2020 - JobGet today announced a new partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB). The JobGet team has dedicated time and energy to help launch their Teamwork’s employment model, helping cohorts of teens find and obtain employment in the area faster, and more efficiently, than ever.

"At JobGet we’re excited to be partnering with the best organizations of the Boston Community," says Tony Liu, CEO of JobGet. "We truly believe in the benefit of building up our local neighborhoods through economic development and enhancing the resources available to the people who need it the most."

The JobGet team is dedicated to working with the local community to ensure that everyone has the easy access to this job searching platform. The benefits of these two organizations working together are just the tip of the iceberg:

1. Youth in Boston will be able to obtain jobs quickly and efficiently with the JobGet app as part of the Teamwork’s model.

2. Businesses in Boston will gain high-quality, dedicated teams of teen employees, prepared through BGCB’s Ready to Work program.

3. Youth will be able to enhance their job readiness, resume, and other work skills through this partnership and additional JobGet workshops, further enhancing the local economy.

"JobGet is transforming the employment landscape in Boston by expediting the process for our teen members, leading to quicker interviews and an improved screening process. We believe JobGet will centralize BGCB’s ability to employ teens in their communities and throughout Boston." says Walter Weekes, Jr., Dana W. Smith Director of Workforce Development at Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

"BGCB is committed to ensuring our members are prepared for success both now and in the future via our Ready to Work program. We are grateful to JobGet for supporting BGCB," says Josh Kraft, Nicholas President and CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.
JobGet is the fastest job platform for anyone looking for a job in the retail and hospitality industry, reducing the timeline from weeks to minutes.

Getting a job shouldn’t take hours filling online applications and waiting for weeks to hear back.

We are currently working with more than 800 employers in Boston on finding the right staff quickly, as well as helping thousands of jobseekers find their dream jobs within minutes.

JobGet is a MassChallenge 2019 Gold Winner, as well as an MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge Global Winner, working to transform the job economy in Massachusetts. We are looking to reshape the employment landscape for hourly employers and professionals to be instant, accessible, and efficient.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston has been serving youth in the Greater Boston are for nearly 130 years. BGCB’s strategic vision of providing high-quality, positive outcomes for local youth is well aligned with the innovative mission of JobGet.